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- Emma Freeman

This handy produce bag has been keeping my farmers’ market haul fresh for one week plus! I love that it’s made using 100% hemp. I really appreciate the brand’s efforts to go above and beyond in sourcing an ethical supply chain in China. 

radishes, silver beat and mushrooms with a Fresh Produce Enhancer

- Emily Fletcher

This is a beautifully made, lightweight hemp bag which is large enough to hold a significant amount of the vegetables I have in my fridge and really does keep them fresher for longer. I have noticed a huge difference in how long I can keep my lettuce and my herbs fresh particularly – they stay so much greener and full of life for many more days, it’s really remarkable. I’ve also been pleasantly surprised at how little extra effort this takes for the increased reward. I’ll definitely keep using it and recommend it to others.

purple cabbage and broccolini with a Fresh Produce Enhancer

- Lille Madden

I love the simplicity of the packaging and the product itself. The brand’s values highly resonate with my own.

Fresh Produce Enhancer with tomatoes, capsicum and asparagus

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Plastic pollutes our oceans and our food chain. Food is wasted, goes to landfill and contributes to gas emissions. Your Fresh Produce Enhancer is an easy step on our journey to reducing food waste and looking after our environment.


chopping fresh carrots that have been stored in a Fresh Produce Enhancer to keep them fresh in the fridge

Chemicals are released from plastic containers, plastic bags, paper towel and most fabrics.  Storing your fresh fruit and vegetables in our ethically produced, specially woven, 100% chemical-free hemp fabric prevents chemicals absorbing into your food and keeps your family safe.

Free Storage

reaching into the fridge to find cabbage, parsley, capsicum and broccoli stored in a Fresh Produce Enhancer

The fridge is a harsh environment. It suffocates your fresh food and turns it bitter, wilted and lifeless. Store your produce in our all-natural produce bag in the fridge and stop wasting fresh food.

Produce Life

Placing carrots into a wet Fresh Produce Enhancer before placing it in the fridge

Fresh produce tastes beautiful because it’s alive and breathing and unpolluted. Use a Fresh Produce Enhancer to keep your fruit and vegetables crisp, crunchy, nutritious and tasting of newly harvested goodness.

Picked Flavour

Buying fresh produce at the farmers' markets

Powerfully Healthy and Naturally Inspiring


3 simple steps!

Have the whole family eating more vegetables

Discover new ways to make vegetables delicious

Looking after yourself,
and the planet
should come naturally

Fresh Produce Enhancer in the fridge crisper drawer filled with parsley, cabbage, broccoli and capsicums


Don't throw out wilted, lifeless fruit and vegetables any more!

thrown the vegetables out because they're wilted, slimey & bitter?

eaten them the same boring way you always have, or‌

time in the kitchen didn't go as planned,

Have you ever bought lots of vegetables with the intention of eating more....but then found ....



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Reusable Hemp Produce Bag called Fresh Produce Enhancer with celery, capsicum, corn, peas, broccolini and tomatoes
Clean and Conscious Awards 2021 - non-toxic + ethical + sustainable + responsible
Clean and Conscious Awards 2021
Bronze award for the Fresh Produce Enhancer in the Clean and Conscious Awards 2021


Helping you to keep your fresh fruit and vegetables crisp and crunchy for longer.

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