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‌We've created the all natural storage solution for fresh, crisp and crunchy vegetables for longer in the fridge and we're the hosts of Gutsy Matters Podcast where we interview people that can help you keep vegetables interesting, delicious and satisfying!

We started Stored Naturally because we wanted a clean, natural, chemical-free way to keep fresh produce fresh in the fridge.  We also wanted the solution to be practical, sustainable and reusable.‌


Our problem had two parts: firstly, the fridge dehydrates fresh produce and this is why it was so tempting to resort to plastic bags......but, the second part, plastic leaches toxic chemicals and we knew that fresh produce breathes and hydrates to stay alive in the fridge - meaning it absorbs whatever is leaching from plastic, chemically treated fabrics or paper towel. ‌‌


This is where it got tricky - the search for sustainable hemp fabric made without a drop of chemical.....  After two years we found a community in rural china who've proudly been making exquisite natural textiles for millennia and who uphold the same values as we do.  We are very proud to have our custom woven pure, clean, natural hemp fabric made there and immensely enjoy going to see our fabric being made (when we could travel)!‌‌


That's our story!  We're delighted to be bringing such high quality,
genuine products to you.



Wendy and Helen

Wendy and Helen founders of Stored Naturally and creators of the reusable hemp produce bag, the Fresh Produce Enhancer


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