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Don't throw out wilted, lifeless fruit and vegetables any more!

Our all-natural, long-lasting, reusable solution will give you fresh, vibrant results... crisp, crunchy and flavoursome leafy greens, fruit and vegetables... no plastic... just sustainable hemp with all its natural properties storing your fresh food for weeks longer in the fridge.


The Fresh Food Product Enhancer - the clean, natural, chemical free storage that works.

Simple and easy to use!

Water droplet icon representing wetting the Fresh Produce Enhancer to keep fresh produce for longer in the fridge


To use your Fresh Produce Enhancers in the fridge, they need to be wet first. This will rehydrate your vegetables, leafy greens & fruit and keep them sweet, crunchy and flavoursome. 


Just wet the pouch under the tap, squeeze out the excess water, place your veggies inside and put it in the fridge crisper. Re-wet when it starts to dry out.

Sun icon representing how to use the Fresh Produce Enhancer dry out of the fridge for bread or dry in the fridge for mushrooms


You can use your Fresh Produce Enhancers outside the fridge. 


Some of our customers like using them to prolong the life of sourdough bread, bananas and other produce. 


Mushrooms store well in the fridge in a dry Fresh Produce Enhancer too.

Heart icon representing how to care for your Fresh Produce Enhancers


It’s very easy to care for your Fresh Produce Enhancers easy to care for.


Wash and dry your them every week or two. Machine wash them in cold water using natural washing detergent and dry them on the line in the sun. 


The durable fabric and strong stitching ensure that your product will last for years.

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