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Are You Missing the Miracle in Your Plant-Based Foods?

The answer is in your actions...

We all deserve wellness. But given the state of our global environment we have to protect our health and wellness. Especially our fertility, to overcome the hormone disrupting compounds in plastic and many other environmental pollutants.


This is why we are so passionate about storing our fresh plant-based foods naturally - we believe that they have the greatest capacity of all foods for supporting our body to grow, heal and renew.


When you think about it, fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and leafy greens dedicate their life to our health! They deliver the enzymes, minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants, phytonutrients our body needs.




Our actions tell the story of how we take these foods for granted. We put them in a plastic bag to buy them, get home and shove them in the fridge still in the plastic bag and curse them several days later when we pull them out of that plastic bag to find them to be slippery, slimy, dehydrated and heading for the bin or the compost!


As well as polluting our food, plastic bags and containers suffocate our fresh food creating the perfect environment for bacterial decay. Which means plastic bags and containers actually decrease the life and quality of our fresh plant-based foods and increase food waste. 


Our fresh foods are worth more than that to us! We need to treat them carefully and respectfully for our own benefit. Because fresh food has the greatest capacity to support our wellness when it is alive with enzymes, co-enzymes, minerals, trace minerals, omegas, phytochemicals such as anthocyanins, lycopene, chlorophyll, luteine, resveratrol and flavanoids and more.


Take humble parsley for example. It transports mineral salts into our body that not only remineralise us but also chelate chemicals from pesticides and herbicides that have accumulated in our body. It also alkalises the body, supports the adrenals and fights bacteria, parasites and fungus.


“Herbal writers have esteemed parsley as a toxin flusher, tonic, and to promote health, like no other food.”
Isabell Shipard, “How can I use herbs in my daily life?”, p244


In a world of well marketed ‘super foods’ we often overlook our common vegetables, such as Cauliflower. It looks like the brain and the lobes of the lungs. It supports the endocrine system and is easily digested raw. And, helping us balance our dependency on ‘mobile’ communication, cauliflower helps to remove radiation from the body.


Surely you want to take care of the foods that take care of you?!


Apples. They support us top to bottom!!!! They support neurological function, heal the colon, help to escort heavy metals, msg and radiation out of the body. They calm the body, reduce inflammation and deeply rehydrate the body.


Fresh, living plant-based foods are powerfully healthy and naturally inspiring.


Fresh, living plant-based foods are worth storing naturally to protect from both the toxic chemicals that leach from plastic, paper towel and chemical intensive fibres and the dehydrating powers of our frost-free fridges. Because they work the hardest to support our health and wellbeing.


We need plant-based foods ‘on our side’ (or rather on the inside!) and we need them to be alive and unpolluted. We need to store them naturally.


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These are the views and opinions of the author and are not ‘medical advice’.  To learn the properties of individual fruits, vegetables, herbs and leafy green we recommend you do you own research. 


Two of our favourite reference books are:


How Can I Use Herbs in My Daily Life? Over 500 Herbs, Spices and Edible Plants: an Australian Practical Guide to Growing Culinary and Medicinal Herbs by Isabell Shipard


Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods : Save Yourself and the Ones You Love with the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits & Vegetables by Anthony William

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03 March 2022
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