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Australian Made Dairy Free Butter That's Not Margarine

With Matthew Weller - Phyto Kitchen

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Butter Redefined.


For all those lovers of the plant based, whole food or vegan food lifestyle we have a game changing vegan butter coming our way!

A product made from whole food ingredients.  From innovators who are gutsy enough to bring vegan butter, that's not margarine, to the Australian market.  

Introducing Phyto plant butter:  a plant butter that has 72% less sodium, 35% less fat and 16% more protein than dairy butter. 


Good quality dairy alternatives save time.


For those who prefer wholefood dairy alternatives have gotten used to making their own food from scratch, but let's be honest, It takes too much time, it would be so much better to be able to buy the basics.

Basics, like vegan butter.


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Good quality dairy milk alternatives exist now, such as almond milk, but Australian's still can't buy good quality dairy free butter, that's not made from hydrogenated oils, as in, that's not dairy free margarine!  


Remember those days of butter on toast, toasted banana bread with butter or even potatoes in the jacket with butter?  Well......those days are back!


Listen to this interview to hear Matt Weller talk about why they created Phyto.Kitchen and what makes Phyto Plant Butter such an enjoyable dairy free butter alternative. 


Phyto Plant Butter - a dairy free, wholefoods butter!  A butter substitute with buttery flavour that is equally useful, delicious and functional for spreading, toasting,and baking as traditional butter made from cream.  Instead of plant based margarine or extra virgin olive oil on toast now we can have plant butter (or buttery spread if your American) that is just like regular butter.  


While dairy butter is made from cream, vegan butter is free from animal ingredients.  Already in Australia the major supermarkets are stocking several brands of vegan butter and vegan margarine including Nuttelex Buttery Table Spread, Nuttelex Olive Table Spread and Flora Plant Dairy Free Buttery.  


What's the difference you ask?  The existing products contain vegetable oil (from which vegetable no-one knows), emulsifiers, flavours and other additives.  Phyto Plant Butter is made from whole food plant ingredients, no additives, no colours, no flavourings and uses cold pressed, healthy, pure oils. 


The team making these gutsy moves to create a new, healthy vegan butter product are Matt Weller and his beautiful wife Ashley Jubinville.  Their butter business is called Phyto Kitchen and they make their buttery spread on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia.


Phyto plant butter is a vegan butter that is a direct swap for dairy butter, plus it also has many health benefits.  


  • Phyto Plant Butter
  • does NOT contain any hydrogenated oils like the dairy free margarine products
  • easily spreadable straight out of the fridge
  • contains oils that remain in their cold pressed, high quality state
  • better for you: Phyto plant butter has 72% less sodium, 35% less fat and 16% more protein than dairy butter
  • made from wholefood natural ingredients and there are absolutely NO additives
  • requires 13x LESS water to produce than dairy butter
  • and, is Soy free, gluten free, dairy free, GMO free, palm oil free and Rapeseed/Canola oil free

It's an interesting question.  The report that it's estimated that 92% of plant-based meals were eaten by non-vegans in 2018 and according to as much as 75 percent of the world's population is lactose intolerant.


For whatever reason, the major supermarkets in Australia, Woolworths, Coles and Aldi, are noticing this trend and responding by increasing their plant based, vegan product ranges many of which suit people who are simply looking for dairy alternatives.  


Canstarblue reported that Woolworths is seeing a trend for people who aren't strictly vegan or vegetarian to embrace meat and dairy alternatives by introducing plant based foods into their weekly diets, as an additional source of nutrients, so long as the alternatives don’t compromise on taste, quality or price.   


In a nutshell it's people swapping out animal products for plant foods and plant products.  


Obviously, the meat, poultry (eggs) and dairy products are most challenged by the vegan food trend, which is the fastest growing food trend in the world.  Nut and grain milks such as Almond milk, soy milk, rice milk, oat milk are taking hold in the fresh milk section, coconut yoghurt and ice-cream are taking hold and vegan cheeses are increasing in popularity.  Now here comes a very viable, competitively priced vegan butter.


"This trend towards more plant-based diets has meant the number of vegetarian and vegan foods available in Australia has soared. According to the Mintel Global New Products Database[2], between 2014 and 2016 there was a 92% increase in the number of food products launched in Australia carrying a vegan claim and an 8% increase in the number of products launched carrying a vegetarian claim."  (


The ABC reported market research results from IBISWorld  who found that while red meat products remain expensive, vegan products are increasingly popular.  And, that while the range of products and sales of vegan-friendly foods have soared over the past five years, red meat has stalled and they predicted would begin to decline.


Vegan food manufacturing is soaring in Australia and the US with surging consumer demand and increasing investment into innovative plant based start up's. reported that "Startups developing innovative food and ingredients, including alt-proteins, raised more funding in the first half of 2020 than all of 2019”, with total investment at $1.00.1billion.

The consumer demand is forcing food manufacturers and takeaway chains in Australia to constantly introduce new products to keep up.  Grill'd, Hungry Jacks, Betty's Burgers & Co, Crust Pizza, Domino's, Groove Train, Guzmen y Gomez, Hog's Breath, Lord of the Fries, Mad Mex, Montezuma's, Muffin Break, Nando's, Oliver's, Pie Face, PIzza Capers, San Churro, Schnitz, Subway, Sumo Salad and Zambrero have already established vegan options on their menus.  Unilever has even added a plant based vegan alternative to it's popular Magnum ice-cream product range.  

The Phyto Plant Butter is made from cold-pressed organic coconut oil, water, cold-pressed organic sunflower oil, organic carrot, almonds, potato starch, nutritional yeast, celtic sea salt.


This vegan butter, in my opinion, has a buttery taste and is much better than other butter alternatives because it doesn't contain any hydrogenated oils, refined coconut oil, trans fats or vegetable shortening (which Australian's know as Copha).  It also doesn't contain any of the oils that naturally have strong flavours like olive oil or avocado oil.   Which means you can use it in cooking, baking and for sautéing, just was you would regular butter.


Well, I hope you hear the enthusiasm for this vegan butter in this podcast episode!  


The Phtyo plant butter product is so good it's a one to one direct swap for dairy butter.  The vegan diet/vegan food trend is the fastest growing food trend in Australia and across the world.  The step from vegetarian diet to vegan diet is becoming easier and easier as more vegan alternatives, such as the Phyto Plant Butter come onto the market.  The major retailers are eager to put plant foods on the shelves.  Currently in Australia there are no other vegan butter products available that are not dairy free margarine.  And, consumers are increasingly looking for plant foods because of the health benefits.    


Vegan butter products are already very common and popular in the US.  People are using vegan butter in cooking (baked goods if your American) and as a buttery spread, especially when the product has very balanced buttery taste as Phyto Plant Butter does (and not a strong flavour coming through from avocado oil, coconut oil or vegetable shortening).    


Phyto Plant Butter will bring back a whole range of home made food options that had traditional butter in the ingredient list.  While the dairy industry is likely to argue that the only real butter is that made from cream, consumers are increasingly curious to try plant based options to eliminate dairy products from their diet.  The Phyto Plant Butter will be welcomed into those households because it is such an enjoyable butter substitute.


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14 September 2020
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