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03 August 2020

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          ‘Bag It’ – documentary trailer

           Boomerang Bags Toolkit


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A conversation about the huge problem of plastic overflowing in landfill, floating in the oceans, strangling marine life and causing all sorts of trouble was the catalyst for a fantastic initiative that commenced in 2013 and has enthusiastically spread to over 1100 communities worldwide.


Jordyn and Tania, co-founders of Boomerang Bags, said the answer to these problems stared them in the face - with one million plastic bags being used every minute, 10.46 million tonnes of fabric waste created each year, and with the willingness and generosity of people from all fabrics of society they decided to do something about the problem. They created a platform that supports the diversion of post-consumer material (waste- in other words) into reusable bags to replace plastic bags and most importantly, start conversations.


In this episode we are very pleased to chat with Jordyn De Boer. Jordyn’s reverence and curiosity, inspired by a life-long love of nature in all its forms, led her to study the natural environment, and now implements those experiences to support communities to create change, one reusable bag and conversation at a time.

With Jordyn de Boer - Boomerang Bags

Creating Change – one reusable bag at a time

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