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How To Know If You Are Really Buying Hemp

Hemp or not hemp?

Read this to make sure you are not paying for a hemp product....that's not hemp.


Hemp fibre and textiles are in high demand all over the world.  Not just by consumers, the greatest demand is created by the military.  Fabric made from hemp is much safer for military uniforms than synthetic fibres becuase it doesn't melt when exposed to fire and it doesn't cause skin diseases in tropical climates. 


Of course when a natural fibre is in high demand there will be "hemp" fabric sold to people who are unlikely to check for authenticity.   Usually, inauthentic hemp fabric is sold at prices significantly below the market.  The lower price deters buyers from being motivated to test the fibre. 


Our hemp fabric is 100% pure, natural hemp.  Our hemp fabric is custom woven to our exacting standards with our partners who are extremely proud craftspeople and even then, we still fibre test our fabric everytime. 

We have set a standard for accuracy.  However, unfortunately others don't.

It distressing to tell you that we have fibre tested fabric from products that claim to be 100% hemp and safe for food storage to find that they don't have any hemp fibres in them at all! 


We are extremely disapointed that consumers are so blatantly misled.  But we understand that is what happens when someone goes to a tradeshow in China to find a business that will copy a quality product at the cheapest possible price.  


It means as consumers it is important to ask questions, search over a website for answers and evidence of authenticity.   


We are rightly proud and protective of the quality of our pure, natural hemp fabric.  In our opinion, our wellness foods deserve the highest quality, purest hemp fabric available.  That's why we have partnered with proud craftspeople who make the highest quality hemp in the world. 

When we put "made from 100% Hemp" on our product we mean it.  


You can watch a short video here about the stages our hemp fabric goes through as it is being made without chemicals. 


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03 March 2022
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