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How To Store Celery in the Fridge for Longer


Many people find it difficult to keep celery crisp in the fridge.  Limp celery is very unappetising!


Do you know that the fridge is a giant, cold dehydrator?   Our fridges are all designed to be frost-free.  Which means they circulate cold dry air and suck moisture out of the air in the fridge.  So they are acting like a cold dehydrator.  This is why your bunch of celery wilts, becomes bitter and limp so quickly in the fridge - sometimes even faster than celery without refrigeration.   


The common methods for avoiding this problem are keeping celery with aluminum foil (not great if you reducing your exposure to aluminum or aluminium), in a container of water (which easily spills) or even in a container with ranch dressing (not ideal if you want to make celery juice)!


There is a better way to keep a celery bunch, celery stalks and celery leaves fresh in the fridge and that's in our reusable produce bag called the Fresh Produce Enhancer!   


The Fresh Produce Enhancer is big enough to fit a entire bunch, sometimes (depending on size) two bunches of celery.  The Fresh Produce Enhancer is also big enough for large bunches of silver beet and chard, as well as rhubarb.  


The custom woven pure, natural hemp fabric that the Fresh Produce Enhancer is made of hasn't been made using any chemicals.  This is unique.  The hemp fibre has been taken from fibre to fabric without a drop of chemical!  Normally the very first stage alone of softening a natural fibre to prepare it into yarn is a chemical bath... and that is just the start of the fabric making process.



Having clean fabric that's completely natural and grown sustainably makes a big difference, especially if you are buying organic bunches of celery.  The Fresh Produce Enhancer is used wet and the celery absorbs moisture from the hemp fabric to stay sweet, crisp and crunchy.  It's similar to using damp paper towel but much cleaner and totally washable and reusable.  Paper towel is made with chemicals and treated with chemicals... it's not something you want wrapped around you fresh produce.


We have run many experiments with carrots and lettuce that clearly show the vegetables getting heavier for up to a week whilst stored in our product.  They only way they can get heavier is by absorbing the moisture from the fabric that surrounds them.  This is why it's so critical the fabric is clean.  After a week they stay plump, sweet, crisp and crunchy for at least another week (how long really depends on the produce).  



For those people who are juicing celery (perhaps following the Medical Medium protocols or even other celery detox protocols) and working consciously to heal their body, knowing how to keep celery fresh in the fridge can make a huge difference, not just to the celery flavor and taste of the celery juice, but also to your budget - food waste is expensive!  


Beautiful celery deserves to be enjoyed not wasted!


How to keep celery sticks Fresh?


Great question! The same way.  Just as you can keep celery crispy you can also keep celery stalks (or cut sticks or leftover celery) fresh and crunchy using the Fresh Produce Enhancer.  Just because the stalks of celery are cut doesn't mean it's not still 'alive' and able to absorb moisture from it's surrounds.  


The combination of the wet, clean fabric of the Fresh Produce Enhancer and the air circulation (unlike an airtight container or plastic container) gives the celery the best conditions for thriving in the fridge.  It's the most natural way to store fresh produce in the fridge and it really makes it last much longer.  This applies to all fresh produce including carrots, lettuce, spinach, cauliflower, beetroot, just to name a few.  


How long does celery last in the fridge?


It's hard to say because it depends on the quality and freshness of the celery when you put it in the fridge and of course, how you keep it in the fridge.  


Our general rule of thumb is that fresh produce will last at least twice as long stored in a Fresh Produce Enhancer (when used correctly).  We regularly experience long lasting fresh produce in the fridge because the Fresh Produce Enhancer provides the most natural conditions for produce in the fridge.


Of course fresh produce won't last for months because it's natural and it's meant to be eaten fresh!  However, we regularly enjoy sweet, crisp and crunchy produce up to two weeks after we've purchased it by using the Fresh Produce Enhancer when we store the produce in the fridge. 



How not to store celery in the fridge.


This will seem a bit controversial but we would never store celery in aluminum foil, paper towel, a container of water or an airtight container.  Here's why:


The Aluminium foil and the paper towel are both chemical laden products.  Aluminium has long been associated with damaging the brain which is reason enough not to store fresh produce in aluminium foil.  Celery in foil is a very high risk of transference of chemicals and heavy metals 


Keeping celery in paper towels also risks transference of chemicals, especially water soluble chemicals which could be directly absorbed by the produce as it 'drinks' the water from the paper towel.  Fresh produce absorbs moisture from it's surrounds, so what you wrap your fresh produce in really does matter.


Fresh produce is still alive.  It wants to be able to 'breathe', to respire and to stay hydrated.    Have you ever kept fresh produce in an airtight plastic bag or plastic container and found water droplets on the inside of the plastic?  That's from the produce respiring or trying to breathe and by keeping it in an airtight container or plastic bag it's suffocating.   


And finally the container with water will potentially dissolve the nutritious water soluble elements out of the celery sticks either by dissolving them or by osmosis. 




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02 March 2023
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