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Why fruit & vegetables are more important than you think

With Dr Danielle Carter - Flourish PYO

99% of Australia children aged between 2 -18 DO NOT eat enough vegetables. In fact, very few of us eat enough vegetables, according to a recent Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report. The report found that across all stages of life, Australians generally do not eat enough healthy foods.


Eating a balanced diet, including sufficient fruit and vegetables, reduces your risk of developing conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. So, what can we as a community do?


In this episode we speak with Dr Danielle Carter, co-founder of Flourish PYO, a non-for-profit health promotion charity in Toowoomba, Queensland. Danielle gives us great insights into why people don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables and how to make changes to our diets in order to prevent chronic diseases.

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The statistics indicate that 99% of Australian children between the ages of 2  to 18 do not eat enough vegetables The statistics for adults are not good either, with only one in thirteen people (7.5%) meeting the guidelines for adequate daily serves of vegetables.  We discuss what people do in their communities to raise awareness about the importance of healthy eating.


Flourish PYO believe that all people should have access to fresh healthy produce and the knowledge to use it to nourish themselves and their families to prevent diseases.


Resources mentioned in this conversation: 

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17 August 2020
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