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Plastic Reduces the Shelf Life of Fresh Produce

Ever brought home a plastic bag full of cucumbers or leafy greens (or any other produce), reached in to take one out and noticed that it was damp or wet feeling?


Because plastic bags don’t allow the produce to breathe and because the produce is still respiring, meaning it is fresh and alive, the produce begins to sweat, wilt, then suffocate in the plastic bag.  And, as soon as produce begins to sweat it begins to change flavor and loose its natural sweetness.  If it is not taken out of the plastic bag or container the produce begins to die, essentially from suffocation.


Dying produce in a plastic bag containing droplets of condensation is the perfect environment for bacterial growth, even in the refrigerator, which increases the rate of decay (slimyness) of the high quality produce that you just spent time and money selecting!



The Fresh Produce Enhancer changes this completely.  It prevents the need for single use plastic produce bags and maintains the freshness of your high quality produce in the fridge by allowing the produce to breathe and rehydrate. 

By taking your produce out of plastic and putting it in a wet Fresh Produce Enhancer and then in the refrigerator the produce can breathe.  This is because the Fresh Produce Enhancer is made from unbleached, undyed 100% pure hemp which allows the produce to breathe and because the hemp fibres hold moisture the produce can absorb moisture from the fabric to rehydrate (remember that fresh produce is still alive) and it is protected from the dehydrating environment inside your frost-free refrigerator. 


The Fresh Produce Enhancer typically extends the shelf life of high quality, fresh produce by one to two weeks; depending on the quality of the produce and the conditions inside your refrigerator!


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14 March 2022
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