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Whole Apple In A Bottle That's Healthier Than Apple Juice

With Jeff Schultheiss  - Darling Fresh Consulting

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We're delighted to introduce the Upple on the Gutsy Matters Podcast. 


An Upple A Day... Innovation in the Apple Industry.


It's a brand new innovation in the Apple Industry and it's direct from the Savio family Apple Orchard on the Granite Belt in Queensland, Australia.

The Upple is a whole apple in a bottle and it's going to shake up the apple juice and apple snacks market in Australia and around the world.  The health benefits of the Upple greatly outweigh that of apple juice and that's why it's so exciting!


The Savio family embarked on creating an innovative new healthy whole fruit apple snack product and what they've created is wonderful.  They worked with Jeff Schultheiss (from Darling Fresh Consulting) and others to adapt technology, innovate a new, patent pending, technique and create a product that is as healthy as eating a fresh apple as possible but more convenient.

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It's all in an Upple - literally!  


Upple is a whole fruit product and that's why it's so different to apple juice.  Upple is 99.9% apple - the whole apple, including the pulp, peel and all it's nutrition in a bottle with a splash (0.1%) of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid).  Unlike most apple juices and orange juices, Upple has NO added sugar, NO added sweetener, it's just whole fruit.  Other reasons why Upple is so different to apple juice include not being heated treated, not made from concentrate and not containing any nasty additives - it really is as close to eating a fresh apple, with all it's health benefits, as you can get.


Upple is made from first grade apples that the supermarkets won't sell because they're too big or two small.  That's why Upple's taste so good; just fresh, crisp, first grade whole apples that are imperfect in shape according to the major supermarkets, plus a splash of Vitamin C.  Another reason they taste so good is that they're not heat treated.  Jeff couldn't tell us how they did that, it's patent pending!  


When we're away from home and needing a healthy, convenient snack often the best choice, from an unhealthy selection at the service station or convenience store, is apple juice, orange juice or other fruit juice.   However, apple juice is made from the unsalable (often mouldy) fruit, doesn't contain any fibre or any of the nutrition from the peel, needs to be heat treated to kill the mould, often has added sugar, artificial sweeteners and is often fortified with vitamins and minerals.   Even the cloudy apple juices that are considered to be the healthier apple juice are still heat treated and often have a surprisingly high sugar content.


This is the gap that the Upple fills.  It is a whole fruit, whole apple, healthy and convenient choice.  It tastes fresh, crisp and good.  It's not overly sweet like apple juice is.  Because it's made from the whole apple, including the pulp and peel, it still contains the fibre which makes it more filling and satisfying than apple juice, and more nutritious than apple juice.



To hear about this whole apple product innovation listen to this Gutsy Matters Podcast episode below where Jeff Schultheiss tells the story of the Savio family and how the third generation of apple growers has innovated to become the freshest, healthiest apple snack food product in the convenience food sector.


In several of our previous podcast episodes (epidsodes with Dr Danielle Carter, Anni Cramb & Asher Andrews) we've talked about how many adults and children are not eating enough fruits and vegetables and not reaching the daily intake target of five serves of vegetables and two of fruit.  Many people make the mistake of drinking juice instead of eating the fruit but the juice is not as satisfying because it's all the sweetness of the fruit isolated from the fibre and other nutrients, which it's so easy consume too much sugar by drinking juice.  Sometimes fruit juice can contain as much sugar as fizzy drinks or soft drinks!


We think Upple's will make a big difference because they are offering us all the opportunity to replace sugary drinks, even other fruit juices, with a drink made from 99.9 percent apple containing whole fruit essential nutrients, even the fibre, apple polyphenols and vitamins.  Suddenly we have a convenience drink that's good for us, that has the natural sugar levels of a fresh whole apple, and that's even a healthier option than 100% fruit juice!   And, because Upple's contain at least 2g of fibre, it's better for our digestive system and digestive health than apple juice.  


Because Upple's are made from first grade, whole fresh apples they're a much better choice for people who have to watch their blood sugar levels and people who are concerned about weight gain.   The reason apple juice, orange juice and other fruit juices are difficult for people who need to monitor their blood sugar levels is that the natural sugars in the fruit juice, plus any added sugars or added sweeteners, are consumed without the natural proportions of protein, fat and fibre of the whole piece of fruit.


Upple really is a great apple product innovation that uses the first grade large apples that the major Australian supermarkets reject.  These apples are first grade, hand picked apples that just don't fit into the definition of the perfect medium apple size that the Coles, Woolworths and Aldi demand.  There are no equivalent apple products or drinking juices on the market, not even outside the convenience and snack food sectors.   

Upple is a satisfying whole apple drink that's healthier than juice and has no added sugars or nasty ingredients (colours, additives, flavourings, concentrates or numbered ingrendients) that are ubiquitous in the convenience and snack food sector.  An innovative snack sized apple product that's the perfect replacement to sugary drinks, energy drinks, soft drink, fruit drinks and fizzy drinks.  


By choosing an Upple you're getting all the health benefits and natural goodness of a whole apple just like eating a fresh, crisp apple.

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28 September 2020
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