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Why Your Fridge Should Be Plastic Free

Top reasons your fridge should be plastic free.

One of the easiest and most obvious places to banish plastics from is the kitchen fridge. Here are our top four reasons why your fridge should be plastic free.


As consumers become more aware of the risks associated with plastic, more and more people are actively seeking out plastic free options for their homes and kitchens. 


One of the easiest and most obvious places to banish plastics from is the kitchen fridge. 






Here are our top four reasons why your fridge should be plastic free.


1)    It’s better for your health


Plastic unfortunately is not a stable material and under certain conditions, it can leach its chemical constituents.  Most chemicals leached from plastic have estrogenic activity and can alter normal healthy biological processes, especially of the endocrine system.

If you are going to invest in good quality or organic produce, it makes sense to store this produce in an equally, chemical free environment.


2)    Your fruit and veg will last longer


Ever reached into the fridge to grab a vegie only to take it out and notice it’s wet or slimy?  Because plastic bags don’t allow your produce to breath, it will begin to sweat and suffocate in a plastic bag.   As soon as produce begins to sweat, it will change flavour and start to loose shape and freshness.


Using a Fresh Produce Enhancer changes this process and by simply allowing your produce to breath and rehydrate, will ensure your fruit and vegetable remains healthy and vibrant for longer.   Usually, your fruit and veg shelf life is extended by one or two weeks, depending upon the quality of the produce and conditions inside your fridge.


3)    It’s better for the environment


Plastic is extremely hard to breakdown and all the chemicals that leach from plastic into landfill eventually make their way into our waterways.  By attempting to avoid plastics in your kitchen and home, you are making your own personal contribution to the wellbeing of the planet.

Produce bags also avoid excess wastage from the fridge.


4)    It’s more economical


Health and environmental benefits aside, it is also far more economical to avoid plastics in your fridge.  Using reusable products such as our Fresh Produce Enhancer and glass containers will ensure you aren’t having to repeatedly buy low quality storage containers.  Using these methods will also extend the life of your produce meaning you will be reducing wastage and your weekly grocery bill.


If these four compelling reasons are motivating enough and you are ready to banish plastics from your kitchen, here are some handy tips to get your started:


  • Use glass containers to story dry food or leftovers
  • Invest in Fresh Produce Enhancers for healthier fresh food
  • Use a similar style, recyclable bags for your shopping
  • Use timber chopping boards
  • Buy a re-usable coffee cup
  • Wrap your sandwich in our Fresh Produce Enhancer instead of plastic film.

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04 March 2022
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