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From meat and 3 veg to plants

With Helen Reynolds

Stored Naturally Gutsy Matters Podcast The Kind Sunscreen

Meet our Gutsy Matters co-host and creator of the Fresh Produce Enhancer, Helen Reynolds.  


Hi!  In this interview, Wendy managed to ask all the right questions to find out how I went from a childhood of eating a meat and 3 vegetable diet to experimenting with being a vegetarian and now to eating a plant-based diet.


All the personal reasons why my husband, Max, and I decided to change our diet and the funny things that happened along the way.


I talk about what motivates my food choices, how I learnt about clean eating, how I leant to prepare vegetarian and vegan food after a lifetime of meat focused eating, learnt to add more flavour and my (sort-of) methodology for preparing food.


Or listen to the latest episode right here, right now, via the stream below or subscribe in Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotify or Stitcher.

Or listen to the latest episode right here, right now, via the stream below or subscribe in Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify or Stitcher

The books I mentioned in this interview are some of my absolute favourites – Healing Spices and The Cooks Companion.  For some reason I don’t really enjoy looking up food related things online, I prefer a book – maybe it’s because books are more tangible, just like food, we don’t yet nourish ourselves with kilobytes and megabytes! 


Healing Spices
How to Use 50 Everyday and Exotic Spices to Boost Health and Beat Disease
By: Bharat B Aggarwal and Debora Yost



The Cook's Companion
The Complete Book of Ingredients and Recipes
By:  Stephanie Alexander



Another great resource if you are interested in trying a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle is the interview I did with Veet Karen.  I really wished I had heard this when I was first transitioning over, it would have saved me hours of research and worry, especially around the topic of protein.



‘We just love the farmers markets and we have a great tendency to buy more than we can eat.  Actually, now only one of us goes to the farmers market’s.


Enjoy the farmers markets but be careful how much you buy. Because it's such an enjoyable way to shop, you’re usually outside, more often than not it's a sunny day and you get to know people really, really well and they grow really, really nice food. So just only buy what you can eat.’


‘Avoid eating too many nuts - only eat as many nuts as you can shell in one sitting or in the cup of your hand’ - Helen Reynolds

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28 April 2020
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